Spring Home Remodeling Projects

Every spring, when the temperature rises, many homeowners decide to tackle remodeling projects. Nothing makes your home feel fresh and new like a remodel. If you have the itch to remodel parts of your home, especially common areas like the kitchen or bathrooms, here are a few spring home remodeling projects that you can try with the help of a contractor like Petra General Contractors.

Add or Replace the Deck

When spring arrives, people want to spend more time outside. Grilling, relaxing, and having parties is much easier when you have a space to do it in. That is why many homeowners decide to add or replace a deck every spring. 

Deck replacements are common not just because people like to spend time there but also because they need to be replaced regularly. Although treated for the outdoors, weather-resistant lumber won’t last forever. 

Having your deck professionally replaced or added gives you the chance to have an outdoor space for activities. It is also an affordable remodel idea for most homeowners and can be done in less than one day. 

Gazebos, Hot Tubs, and Outdoor Showers

On the more traditional route, springtime means the addition of relaxation and water features! A gazebo, hot tub, and even outdoor shower installations have become very popular. In addition to personal enjoyment, building any of these features can significantly increase your home’s value. It can take over a month for these renovations due to the business of the season and permitting requirements. If you are considering these projects, be sure to start early in the season to have them done by the summer. 

Minor Kitchen Upgrades

One of the most popular rooms to upgrade is the kitchen. Changing just this one room can significantly impact how your home looks and feels. But, of course, you don’t have to do a major remodel to get the benefits either. 

While it is possible to have your whole kitchen remodeled, you can make a few minor to medium changes. A simple option is to change all fixtures, such as the handles and doorknobs. Consider repainting or refinishing the cabinets or floor for a more complex change. Have a skilled carpenter craft new doors for all of your existing cabinets for an even more significant impact. Switching from solid wood to frosted glass windowed doors is a common option that drastically changes your kitchen’s design. 

Get Ideas and Help From Petra General Contractors

The list of home renovation opportunities is endless, which can be overwhelming if you are unsure where to begin talk to a general contractor to see what projects can be done in your home. Schedule a consultation with Petra General Contractors, one of New York’s largest and highly experienced general contractor services.