5 Ways to Make a Modest Home Feel Larger

When you have a modest home, you might feel like it is cramped, which can be a little bit frustrating. But there are ways to make your space feel larger.

Here are five simple ways to make a small home feel larger.

Consider a Home Addition

If you want to make your home feel larger, one of the best ways is to make it larger with a home addition. Home additions can be made in several ways, like adding a room for a specific purpose or creating a patio for a more structured outdoor space. 

Remodel Your Kitchen or Bath with More Cabinets

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most cramped spaces in the house. Adding more storage space to either room makes the entire house feel larger and can make storing essentials easier! The experts at Petra General Services can help you find ways to add cabinets or storage options to your kitchen or bathroom to keep your belongings organized and make the room feel more comfortable. 

Add a Sunroom or Three-Season Room

A sunroom or three-season room can make your home feel larger, especially if it’s the only outdoor space in your home. You can add a small sunroom to your home by building an addition out of a spare bedroom. Petra General Services can even help you convert an unused garage space or out-building into a sunroom!

Unlike other addictions, a sunroom or three-season room gives you the best combination of outdoor feel with the luxury of still being indoors. Plus, allowing the outside to reach your home makes it feel significantly larger. 

Invest in Outdoor Living Space 

Speaking of allowing the outdoors to connect with your home, investing in outdoor living space can also make your home feel larger and more comfortable. If you’re looking to take full advantage of your outdoor space, consider building a privacy fence, adding decorative illumination fixtures, or even installing decorative accent structures! Plus, the addition of outdoor furniture and live plants can give you a place to sit and relax in your house. A well-placed flower pot or two can also add color to your home, improving how it feels, too.


One of the leading reasons people feel closed-in within their homes is because they have so much clutter. Clearing your closets, drawers, and cabinets can give you extra storage space and make your home feel less cramped. It also gives you room to move some of your things around to have more space where you need them.

If storage is a challenge, Petra General Services can help! Owner, Jeff Senecal, is an expert at finding space for and creating custom storage solutions for homes.

Get Ideas and Help from Petra General Contractors

The list of home improvement and renovation opportunities is endless, which can be overwhelming. If you are unsure where to begin, talk to a general contractor to see what projects can be done in your home.

Schedule a consultation with Jeff Senecal of Petra General Services, one of Jefferson County’s highly experienced general contractors.