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We are a Construction Full-service Provider

Petra General Services is a leading general contractor in New York State’s Thousand Islands. With more than 15 years of experience in every aspect of construction, we strive to always exceed expectations.

We specialize in residential home contracting and home improvement. Providing innovative solutions and a professional experience.

Our boast is we will return your call and provide exceptional communication throughout the project.

High Quality



Working Collaboratively For Better Results

Our team will make sure you are involved every step of the way. The experts at Petra General Services will keep you informed of progress, so you never feel left out. Speak up too! We will answer your questions and work with you to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Quality Matters

Finding subcontractors for a project can make anyone nervous. As a general contractor, we handle that for you. Over the years, Petra General Services built a contractor network that includes only the highest-performing contractors in their field. As a result, you won’t have to worry about a vetting process or managing contractors yourself.

We demand the best from our vendors, subcontractors, and partners, so we hold them to rigorous quality standards. Our project leaders closely monitor all of the work done at your property and perform quality control inspections to ensure that their work is compliant and meets our rigorous standards.

At Petra General Services, our team always ensures that every detail is perfect!

Leverage Experience and Skill for Better Outcomes

Petra General Services is committed to giving you the best experience when it comes to building or remodeling your space. With a history of consistently exceeding expectations, we are ready to take on your project.

Contact Petra General Services . Let us turn your residential space into a place that you want to show off.

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