5 Tips for the Perfect Bathroom Remodel

1. Identify Your Needs First

The first step in your bathroom remodel and any home improvement or renovation project should be to identify your needs. What do you need in your bathroom? There are things that you need to be there, like a shower, toilet, and sink. Please make a list of the things you need in your bathroom to account for them in your plans. 

For example, the list of needs for a bathroom in a three-bedroom house might include:

  • One toilet
  • One bathing area (shower or tub)
  • Two sinks
  • One dresser for toiletries
  • One Towel rack
  • One medicine cabinet
  • One mirror

Knowing what you need to fit into your bathroom ahead of time makes it easier for your contractor to help you plan the renovation

2. Plan Meaningful Improvements

Think about your current bathroom design. You may want to change things about it, but make sure you plan meaningful improvements. 

For example, planning to change the floor from vinyl planks to ceramic tile may look nice, but does it have a purpose other than looking aesthetic? Alternatively, replacing a single sink with a double sink means that more than one person can get ready in the morning at the same time. 

Whatever changes you want to make, and depending on your budget, be sure those improvements serve a purpose. Even if that change is just to enhance the appearance, it serves a purpose if it makes you feel better about your bathroom. When making changes to your home’s current lavatory, make sure that your remodeling prioritizes functionality, especially if renovating with a specific budget. 

3. Pick Your Style

There are many different bathroom styles, options, and finishes. Be sure to think through your options and identify your aesthetic before meeting with a contractor. Knowing what style you are looking for makes it easier to design a comprehensive bathroom concept that will make you happy. It also makes it easier for the contractor to find suitable materials and accurately quote your washroom remodel.

4. Know Your Budget

Before you start any project, know your budget. The choices that you and your qualified expert contractor make largely depend on your budget. Have a solid idea of exactly how much you can spend on the project. That way, your general contractor can develop a bathroom renovation plan to stay within that budget, and you won’t get any surprise costs along the way. 

Knowing your budget also helps you make other decisions, like the style and material options. It makes it easier to identify how to spend your money to get everything you want. For example, having a budget in mind will ensure that you don’t waste time picking such an expensive toilet that you cannot afford to replace the floors.

5. Preparation is Key to a Great Outcome

There is no rush to start your bathroom remodel. The more you work through the details before the project begins, the fewer challenges you may have during the bathroom renovation. Think the makeover through from start to finish, considering as many variables as you can. 

Also, put some time and effort into preparing the bathroom for improvement. Remove anything from the room that does not need to be there, and make sure that you have another option available to use during the remodel. It could take more than a day to finish, and you need access to another option.

Bonus Tip: Hire a High-Quality Contractor

One of the most important decisions you can make to ensure that your home improvement bathroom makeover goes smoothly is to hire a high-quality contractor. The better your general contractor is, the better the outcome for your project will be. 

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